What Is A Cat 3126 Truck Engine?

Cat 3126 Engines For Sale

The 3126 Cat Engine commercial truck engines are used in a variety of applications, including dump trucks, refuse trucks and fire trucks. The Cat 3126 engine was produced from 1997 to 2001. It is sold in the United States, Canada and Mexico as well as Asia-Pacific markets like Japan and China. It was the first generation Caterpillar diesel engine to be fully electronic microprocessor controlled with all fuel injection subsystems directly tied back to this central microprocessor control unit.

The Caterpillar 3126 is a marine engine that was released in the late 80’s. It was designed as a replacement for the 3116 and is available in two different configurations: the DITA and DIT (Displacement). However, the DITA engine is only available without turbocharger or closed cooling water jacket. The primary benefit of the 3126 is its engine power because it has an output of 1,709 horsepower compared to 906hp from its predecessor, the 3116. This improvement in power has made Marine Diesel Engine more popular than ever before as boat owners can now have a faster boat with greater load capacity than before.

Cat 3126 Engine Applications and Uses

Cat 3126 Engine Applications and Uses are widely used across a large range of industries, including agricultural, marine and construction, as well as buses, ambulances and other applications.

Cat 3126 Engine Problems and Failures

Major failure issues that we have seen on 3126 Caterpillar engines, especially in the Caterpillar 311B excavators, include cracked heads and damaged cylinders. This can happen due to excessive load and/or exposure to engine fluids, resulting in excessive spark plug fouling. Furthermore, our clients have reported a number of other common problems such as spun bearings (spun crankshaft bearings), dropped valves, camshaft failure and complete engine failure.

Cat 3126 Engine Replacement Options

There are numerous possible causes for engine failure, but not all mean your engine is doomed. At times, your Cat 3126 may just need a few new parts, or maybe it just needs a little refreshment to keep it in good shape. We do in fact appreciate that considerations such as time, money, availability, etc. will impact your decision making.

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