A List Of The Best Mods That You Can Do To Your Acura TL

It’s not easy to be a car enthusiast. Sure, you can take your favorite ride to the drag strip and see how fast it’ll go, but then what? There are so many other things that you can do to make your car look cooler and more unique than just slapping some stickers on the back or painting flames on the side. If you’re looking for some really great mods for your Acura TL, look no further than this list!

AEM Cold Air Intake

AEM Cold Air Intakes are known to increase horsepower and torque, improve throttle response and fuel economy, reduce turbo lag, and improve engine sound.

HKS Super Turbo Muffler

The HKS Super Turbo Muffler is one of the best mods for the Acura TL. It is a great mod for the Acura TL. The HKS Super Turbo Muffler can be installed by anyone with moderate skill in garage tools and automotive tools, but it’s recommended that you have an experienced mechanic install it on your car.

20″ Niche Targa Wheels

20″ Niche Targa Wheels are a great choice for the Acura TL. This is a high-quality set of wheels that will make your car look amazing. The wheels are 20 inches in diameter and 9 inches wide, so they provide enough room for your tires to grip the road, which means you’ll have more control over your car when driving on slippery surfaces or in wet weather conditions. They’re also made from strong materials like stainless steel or aluminum alloy so you know they’ll last longer than other types of rims on the market today!

Catback Exhaust System

A catback exhaust system is a great mod for the Acura TL. It makes the car sound better and it makes it run better.

The catback exhaust is made up of two parts: the muffler, which is located at the end of your car’s tailpipe; and the resonator, which can be found in between the muffler and catalytic converter. The resonator has two purposes: first, it helps keep sound waves contained so that they don’t bounce off objects near your car; and second, it acts as an amplifier for some frequencies produced by your engine (this explains why you hear a lot more noise from passing trucks). Because these systems are so effective at reducing noise pollution in urban settings (where most cars spend most of their time), they have become standard features among modern vehicles with catalytic converters.

Rear Lip Spoiler

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to give your car a sportier look, a rear lip spoiler is the perfect solution. In addition to adding style, it also helps reduce drag and improve aerodynamics.

The best part about this mod is that it can be easily removed if you change your mind or want to go back to stock, so there’s no reason not to give it a try! The installation process only takes about an hour or two, depending on how handy you are with tools—you’ll need some basic knowledge of how cars work in order for the installation process go smoothly, but everything else is pretty much plug-and-play.

Tein Mono Flex Coilovers+EDFC

Tein Mono Flex Coilovers are an excellent choice for your Acura TL. This suspension kit is perfect for those who want to reduce body roll and improve handling, cornering, and ride comfort while reducing excess tire wear. The Tein Mono Flex Coilovers come with EDFC Electronic Damping Force Controller (EDFC) which allows you to adjust the damping force with a dial on the controller itself.

TRD/GReddy Turbo Kit

The TRD/GReddy Turbo Kit is a great mod for the Acura TL. It will give you more power and better handling, and it is a great mod for people who want to make their car faster.

The TRD/GReddy Turbo Kit comes with everything that you need to install it on your car, including an air filter and an intercooler. It also comes with new gaskets and clamps that are used during the installation process.

This kit gives you the option of adding two different turbos to your car: one that produces 270 horsepower or a larger one that produces 380 horsepower. The larger turbo can be installed if you have an upgraded engine block or if you’re willing to pay extra money for this type of upgrade at later dates as well as install it yourself (you’ll still need professional installation).

Auototoyz Body Kit

The is made out of FRP and comes in pre-painted black, red, blue and silver colors. The kit includes a front bumper, side skirts and rear bumper which are all made with high quality FRP materials that won’t rust or get damaged easily by the elements. It also includes mounting hardware so you’ll be able to install the body kit onto your car fast without any issues!

HKS Hi-Power Titanium Exhaust

It’s not often you see titanium exhausts on the market, but this HKS Hi-Power Titanium Exhaust is the exception. While most people are going to get their cars with a stock exhaust or an aftermarket one, a good deal of them go for titanium because it looks great while delivering performance benefits as well.

This exhaust is made up of 2.5-inch piping throughout and has been designed to enhance torque delivery while reducing back pressure. This results in increased horsepower and torque compared to other systems available on the market today. The sound produced by this system is very deep and throaty; it sounds like an engine that can really take care of business when you need some extra power under acceleration!

The beautiful thing about this exhaust is that it does everything you could ever want from it without costing too much money – which means more than one person will probably buy one soon enough (if they haven’t already).

Here are some great mods for the Acura TL

The Acura TL has been around for a decade and is now in its fourth generation. As such, there are tons of mods available for it—you can basically do anything you want to the thing! For that reason, it’s hard to know what the best mods would be. But we’re here to help.

Here are some amazing Acura TL mods:

  • The most popular ones
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  • The most reliable items


Acura TL is a great car, but it can be made even better with the right mods. If you’re looking for ways to improve the performance of your Acura TL, these are some great options that will help make your ride stand out from the crowd.

Acura TL Mods
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