B20 Engine VTEC Mods

One of the most popular modifications for a B20 engine is putting in VTEC heads. These heads can dramatically increase the performance of the engine. Another popular mod is to drop in a B17 crank. However, the amount of torque gained with this mod depends on several factors. The cam profile and the injectors play an important role.

LS VTEC engine block girdle

The LS VTEC engine block girdles are used in applications where the block is not factory-girded. These girdles come with T-6061 Billet Aluminum construction and are lightweight. These kits are available in two different options: the Standard kit and the Ultimate kit. The Standard kit comes with spacers and ARP studs, while the Ultimate kit adds billet main bearing supports.

The Girdle & Dowel Pin Kit provides added strength and rigidity to the engine block. It works well with forced induction systems and won’t warp or bend under high temperatures. It will also optimize coolant flow through the cylinder head. It is compatible with B16, B18A/B, and B20 engines. It is pre-doweled to be easily installed in factory mains. This girdle is also designed to minimize bottom end distortion.

ACT heavy-duty clutch

An ACT heavy-duty clutch for a B20 engine enables a vehicle to run at a higher speed and with greater torque capacity. The clutch kit consists of a pressure plate, disc and release bearing that transfers power from the engine to the wheels. It performs 20% better than the stock clutch and is capable of handling up to 400% more torque. Depending on the needs of your vehicle, you can choose from a range of clutch kits from ACT.

b20 engine.
B20 Engine Vtec

The ACT Heavy-Duty clutch uses a pressure plate and a six-puck sprung-hub clutch disc to deliver superior power transfer. This clutch works in conjunction with the B20 engine’s v-tech system to deliver 227 hp and 167 lb-ft of torque.

Kaaz limited-slip differential

Kaaz Limited-Slip Differentials come in both basic and solid models. The solid model offers more grip while the basic model provides less. The solid version also comes with more cluch plates. Differential torques are also different between the two models, which can affect street driveability. Kaaz differentials also feature WPC (wear-protection composite) treatment to increase durability. In addition, you should use oil that contains the correct additives for a limited-slip differential, such as Red Line or Amsoil 75W90 or 75W140.

Kaaz Limited-Slip Differentials are available in either a 1.5-way or a 2.0-way configuration. Each configuration is based on the design of the differential’s cam grooves, which allows it to perform differently under acceleration and deceleration. This can help improve handling characteristics and improve lap times.

Lower duration, lower lift cam profiles

B20 engine VTEC mods can be a great way to improve reliability and reduce heat. The DOHC VTEC head features two different cam profiles, one for low and one for high rpm. However, you must be aware that the DOHC VTEC head features very little surface area, preventing it from delivering the same spool and lift for both high and low rpm. This can cause valvetrain damage.

While swapping VTEC heads for a B20 engine is similar to swapping heads on an LS engine, the B20 engine’s head gasket has a different geometry. Also, make sure to check valve-to-piston clearance before finalizing the head. If necessary, grind or polish the piston valve reliefs with carbide burrs or cartridge rolls to produce additional clearance. Ensure that the valve clearance is 0.045 inches or more on the intake and exhaust valves.

Reliability of a b20 engine vtec

The B20 engine series was first introduced in 1995 for the Honda CR-V. The engine series consists of various indexes which are used internally to differentiate them. Typically, B20 engines have a 2-liter displacement. It is important to regularly service and maintain these engines to get maximum performance. Carbon buildup can reduce power and create flat spots, so it is important to regularly check for this.

Changing the valve train and camshafts can boost the power of a B20 engine. These modifications will increase reliability and reduce heat. The basic B20 VTEC configuration can produce 180whp and decent torque numbers.

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