The Mazda F6 Engine

f6 engine

An F6 engine can be classified as a six-cylinder, horizontally opposed piston engine. The cylinders are arranged three on either

The 7AFE Engine

7afe engine

The engine design of the 7AFE engine is similar to that of the 4AFE engine, except that its cylinder-piston group

Tuning Your Nissan TB48 Engine

Nissan TB48

If you’re considering tuning your Nissan TB48 engine, you should know about the variable intake system. This system, labeled VIAS

4G64 Engine Info

4g64 engine

The 4G64 is an extended version of the 4G63 engine. Its features include 750cc fuel injectors, a 3-inch exhaust system,

BMW M30B35 Engine

M30B35 Engine

There are many options available when it comes to the BMW M30B35 engine. There are various types available in the

Cat C12 Engines

cat c12 engine

Cat C12 engines are well-suited to heavy-duty applications with high power. However, they can develop problems with head gaskets if

The 6G72 Engine

6G72 Engine

Mitsubishi Motors produced 5 displacement variants of the 6G7 series. They were available in SOHC, DOHC, turbocharged, and naturally aspirated