Ls7 Crate Engine and Transmission Package

The TSP LS7 Package is the perfect way to get your vehicle up to speed. This package is a great starting point for those looking to swap an LS Engine into their car or truck. The most important part of the package is the LS7 Crate Engine which comes with everything you need in order to install it into your vehicle. Along with our bolt-on engine system, we’ve also included the Holley Terminator X Max ECU which makes tuning easier than ever before!

Texas Speed Performance LS7 427 CID 700HP 550TQ

You can get a Texas Speed & Performance LS7 427 CID 700HP 550TQ crate engine and transmission package. This engine comes with everything you need to install it into your vehicle, including the necessary hardware and gaskets. It’s a great project for anyone who wants to upgrade their Corvette or Camaro, but doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of making the car fit around an existing engine.

GM LS7 Crate Engine

The LS7 Corvette engine is a high-performance 7.0L (427 cubic inch) V8 engine that was produced by General Motors, beginning in 2007. The LS7 was initially offered as part of the Z06 option package, but later became a widely available option on all C6 Corvettes and other vehicles in the GM lineup.

It has a 9.8:1 compression ratio and produces 505 horsepower (or more than 700 horsepower with modifications) at 6500 RPMs with over 550 lb/ft of torque at 4600 RPMs. The LS7 is equipped with an oiling system that uses dry sump architecture for increased reliability under high g-force conditions like those encountered by race cars or sports cars that are driven hard during competition or street driving conditions. The engine features dual overhead cams along with 4 valves per cylinder to allow for optimal air flow into the cylinders when compared to previous generations of Corvette engines which only had 2 valves per cylinder – one intake valve and one exhaust valve each; this allows up to 15% more airflow through the engine resulting in better performance while allowing it to run cooler even under extreme loads thanks to its high efficiency design which reduces friction losses between moving parts within each individual piston chamber thus lowering temperatures within said chambers significantly without compromising any other aspects related solely towards maintaining constant temperature balance throughout all components involved even after prolonged periods without maintenance takes place (which could otherwise lead towards overheating).

N2O Plate System (6 Fogs)

The N2O Plate System (6 Fogs) allows you to run nitrous oxide in your LS7 Crate Engine and Transmission Package. This is a must have item, especially if you’re looking for more horsepower out of your engine.

The N2O Plate System (6 Fogs) will allow you to safely run nitrous oxide at lower pressures, higher pressures, and higher flow rates than those possible using other intake manifold types like bolt-on systems that require welding or billet aluminum manifolds designed for specific applications.

Holley Terminator X Max EFI ECU

The Holley Terminator X Max EFI ECU is the ultimate engine control for all LS engines, including the LS7 crate engine. The Holley Terminator X Max EFI ECU offers advanced tuning capability and full digital monitoring of your vehicle’s performance. It will allow you to optimize your horsepower and torque through an easy-to-use interface that gives you instant access to all of its features.

With this system, it’s incredibly simple to adjust your fuel delivery curves, spark timing maps, boost levels, rev limiters and more from inside of RaceCraft or any other compatible tuner. You can also view data on speed sensors (if applicable), coolant temperatures and much more in real time using the built-in diagnostic tools that come with this controller.

Holley Terminator X Max Transmission Control Unit (GM 4L80E/4L85E)

While the Holley Terminator X Max Transmission Control Unit (GM 4L80E/4L85E) is a relatively simple device, there are some important things to keep in mind when installing it. This is especially true if you’re planning on using this transmission control unit with your LS7 crate engine.

It’s also worth noting that while both 4L80E and 4L85E are designed for use on GM vehicles, their designs differ slightly. The former has an electronic lockup torque converter; the latter does not. The two units also differ in their internal electronics—the older one uses thermistors for temperature sensing and voltage regulators for controlling switching rates; its newer counterpart uses Hall effect sensors instead of thermistors and an integrated circuit (IC) chip instead of voltage regulators.

3 Bar MAP Sensor (For use with E85, Methanol, Race Gas, and N2O)

This is a 3 Bar MAP Sensor for use with E85, Methanol, Race Gas, and N2O. It’s compatible with Holley Terminator X Max ECU and works perfectly with GM LS7 Crate Engine.

TSP 163 Tooth Billet Flexplate for LS Engines (4L80E)

  • The flexplate is a key component in the drivetrain of your car. It’s used to transfer power from the crankshaft to your transmission and provides a smooth, quiet operation.
  • Flexplates are made of steel, but they’re not always stamped off-the-shelf parts. In some cases they’re custom made for specific applications like ours here with our LS7 engine package. For example, this particular flexplate has been designed specifically for use with an LSA or LS3 crate engine such as our TSP LS7 engine kit (see related products below). It features a billet aluminum ring gear attached to it that provides strength and durability where it matters most: at its mounting point between the front cover and bellhousing flange surfaces where friction can be high during high RPM shifts or heavy acceleration situations like when you’re cruising down the highway at 80 mph trying not get pulled over by police officers who don’t realize how awesome you look while driving their dream car–which also happens to have an LS7 engine under hood!

TSP 1 7/8″ Stainless Steel Long Tube Headers with Off-Road Connection Pipes

The LS7 is a naturally aspirated engine that displaces 427 cubic inches, or 7.0L. With this package you get the TSP 1 7/8″ Stainless Steel Long Tube Headers with Off-Road Connection Pipes, which has been designed to work with the LS7 engine. The LS7 crate engine is one of the most popular aftermarket engines on the market today, and for good reason! It’s got a lot more power than your standard 5.3L V8 from GM and is capable of producing 700 horsepower!


The LS7 crate engine is the perfect choice for any Corvette owner who wants more power than a stock LS3 and wants an easy, bolt-in upgrade. This package includes the all-new TSP headers and long tube headers to achieve maximum flow on your LS7 engine. The LS7 crate engine comes with a Holley EFI ECU to make it easy to install.

With this package you’ll receive everything you need to get up and running with your new Corvette engine package!


The LS7 Engine and Transmission Packages are great for anyone looking for a high-performance engine and transmission package. They have all the components you need to get started with your LS7 build, including a GM LS7 engine, Holley EFI system, and TSP headers. The packages also come with everything required to install them into your car or truck body style of choice!

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