The DD13 Diesel Truck Engine

DD13 engine is a turbo-compound version of the existing DD12 engine, and the power ratings are likely to be around 500 horsepower for on-highway use. This engine will be manufactured at several locations worldwide. In the United States, connecting rods will be produced at the DDC plant in Redford, Mich., while Mercedes-Benz foundries will make block castings and heads in South Africa. Redford will also be the engine dress facility for the DD13. Assembling the DD13 will be done on the same assembly line as the DD15 engine.


The DD13 engine is a turbo-compound design that can be produced to 500 horsepower for on-highway applications. The components for this engine are made in various locations around the world. The connecting rods and heads are made in a DDC plant in Redford, Mich., while the block and head castings are made at a Mercedes-Benz foundry in South Africa. Engine dress is also done in Redford, and the engine will be assembled on the same assembly line as the DD15.

The DD13 uses the same ACRS as the larger engines, and it has similar oil and filter changes and maintenance intervals. Designed for long service, it uses the same five-day course that is used for the bigger engines. The DD13 engine features a low-maintenance engine that uses 65 percent of the same parts.

The DD13 engine was introduced to the Australian and New Zealand markets in 2010. It features the same advanced technology as the DD15 to make the maintenance intervals shorter. It is designed for vocational and intrastate local distribution and offers better fuel economy. It also features an enhanced cooling system that minimizes the amount of time the fan is on. This is important, as every moment the fan cycles on can add as much as 50 hp to the engine’s parasitic load.

Long service intervals

The DD13 engine is a diesel truck with a six-cylinder, in-line engine. It was introduced into the Australian and New Zealand markets in 2010. Unlike its predecessors, the DD13 uses the same advanced technology and extended service intervals as its DD15 counterpart. It is designed for intrastate local distribution and vocational applications. The DD13’s fuel efficiency is among its most impressive features. The engine uses a 6-cylinder inline setup and produces 450 HP.

The Detroit DD13 has a 13-liter displacement. It is a powerful engine with a high torque level. It incorporates an Amplified Common Rail System to optimize injection events and improve fuel efficiency. It also offers one of the longest service intervals in the industry. Moreover, it uses BlueTec SCR emissions technology for long-term EPA 2010 emissions requirements.

The DD13 engine also includes an asymmetrical turbocharger. It also has a three-stage Jacobs exhaust brake, which reduces wear on service brakes. The head and block are cast-iron and feature high-efficiency pistons for optimum fuel efficiency. It also uses modern injector nozzles to ensure fuel efficiency.


The DD13 Detroit Diesel engine was introduced in the Australian and New Zealand markets in 2010. It is based on the same technology as the DD15 and features maintenance-free crankcase breather technology. It is designed for vocational and intrastate local distribution applications and delivers improved fuel economy. Its six-cylinder inline configuration produces 450 horsepower.

The DD13 Gen 5 engine is equipped with a suite of connected vehicle services from Detroit. This includes an online portal that allows fleet managers to easily access vehicle performance data and fault events. Users can also tailor the portal’s information to only display pertinent information. The suite of connected vehicle solutions also includes Detroit Connect Remote Updates and Detroit Connect Analytics.

The DD13 engine has been designed to operate efficiently and quietly. It offers strong torque down to 1,100 RPM, while its advanced cooling system reduces the amount of time the cooling fan is on. It also boasts an electronically-controlled Amplified Common Rail Fuel System (ACRS) that delivers fuel to the engine at just the right time. This results in improved fuel efficiency and lower NOx emissions.

Power ratings

The new Detroit DD13 engine is available in various power ratings. Its new features focus on thermal management, efficiency, and ruggedness. It also has standard connected-vehicle services. Its power ratings range from 370 horsepower to 450 horsepower. In addition to its increased power, the engine’s increased torque helps it meet the needs of vocational applications.

It features an asymmetrical turbocharger and a three-stage Jacobs exhaust brake to improve efficiency and combustion. The DD13 also features a cast-iron block and head. Modern fuel injector nozzles and low-friction pistons help to maximize fuel efficiency.

The DD13 Gen 5 engine has an improved diesel particulate filter and can go for 16 percent longer between cleanings. It also uses new heat management features called Auto-Elevation and ThermoCoasting. These features prevent the engine’s aftertreatment components from overheating and reduce the need for regens.

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