The Honda Rebel 500 For Sale

The Honda Rebel 500 for sale is one of the more popular small motorcycles available for sale. It boasts a great tilt angle and a 471cc parallel-twin engine that produces a surprising amount of power in the upper and middle rev range. The Rebel 500 is just begging for customization.

EPA and CARB standards

The Honda Rebel 500 meets or exceeds EPA and CARB standards for gasoline-powered vehicles. It has a powerful 471cc twin-cylinder engine with a smooth powerband and a unique blacked-out design. It comes with modern technologies including optional ABS brakes, a full LED lighting package, and Honda’s slipper/assist clutch. This sportbike also has low seat height and a selection of factory accessories.

The Honda Rebel 500 offers a low seat height, a lightweight frame, and a low-revving twin-cylinder engine. The low seat height and narrow design allow the bike to be compact and maneuverable. It also offers a wide 16-inch rear tire, which provides great grip and traction. The wide rims and tires add to the look of the bike.


The Honda Rebel 500 is a great motorcycle for those who want a customized look. While the bike’s stock suspension is adequate, there are some options to improve its handling, performance, and styling. However, any changes made to the Rebel should be safe and improve the bike’s overall value and functionality.

The Honda Rebel 500 has narrow body lines and a low waistline. Its narrow frame makes it appear more agile and athletic than some of its American rivals. The bike is also lighter than the corresponding models. It weighs just under 400 pounds, making it ideal for the average rider.

The 471cc parallel twin engine delivers respectable power. The engine is quiet and has a smooth delivery. The muffler also delivers a nice growl. The Honda Rebel feels nimble and light on its feet. It has a single disc brake on the front. The bike’s handling is also very good, and the gearbox is easy to shift into and out of.

Seat height

The seat height of a Honda Rebel 500 motorcycle is low, making it easy to ride, even in bad weather. The bike also features a low, 16-inch rear tire that offers superior grip for improved acceleration and braking. The bike’s thick 41-mm fork tubes help to ensure a comfortable ride and precise steering. They also contribute to the bike’s stylish appearance. Honda has also incorporated its slipper/assist clutch technology into the Rebel, reducing clutch effort at the bar by 30%. Its aluminum subframe is strong enough to support a removable passenger seat.

The Rebel 500 is available in a basic bare-bones model and an ABS model. The ABS version is recommended. The ABS model features a matte-silver paint and black accessories.


Honda Motor Company has announced that it will be bringing new updates for the Rebel 500 and Rebel 300 motorcycles. These two models are among the best-selling small displacement cruisers in the market. In addition to new styling, the updated bikes also feature improved comfort and performance. The Rebel 500 has a repositioned headlight and new LED turn signals. It has a 471cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine that provides smooth power delivery.

The Honda Rebel 500 is available in two basic versions: standard and ABS. The standard Rebel 500 comes in two paint colors: Pearl Organic Green and Matte Gray Metallic. It also has disc brakes with Nissin calipers. Its suspension is capable and its seat height is also a very friendly 27.2 inches.


The Honda Rebel 500 is an entry level cruiser with plenty of features. It is equipped with an Anti-lock Braking System and a Side-stand that turns off the engine when the bike is parked. It is also available with a full range of accessories. Honda has also updated the suspension system and the engine to improve overall safety and increase its buyer base.

The Rebel 500 has a low-slung tubular frame, 41mm telescopic fork, and Showa twin rear shocks. It also comes with a 296mm disc up front and a single disc on the rear. The Rebel 500 has a kerb weight of 191kg. It is likely to cost around Rs 4.5 lakh ex-showroom.

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