What is the Gy6 Engine?

The GY6 engine design is a single cylinder four-stroke engine with a near horizontal orientation, primarily used in small scooters and motorcycles in Taiwan, China, and other southeast Asian countries. The engine has many characteristics, including single cylinder, oil cooling, and horizontal cylinder orientation.


The Single-cylinder Gy6 Engine is a popular option for scooters, go-karts, atvs, and even snowmobiles. This engine uses a water and oil cooling system to remove heat from the engine. In addition, the Gy6 Engine features an electronic ignition system with a capacitor discharge and a magnetic trigger on the crankshaft. Most Gy6 engines are produced in China and Taiwan.

The Gy6 engine is a four-stroke single cylinder with two overhead valves. This engine comes in three different sizes and has a range of 7,000 to 7,500 revolutions per minute. Its largest size is 150 cc and produces around nine horsepower. In some cases, owners can upgrade the engine to make it produce up to 14 horsepower.

Air or oil cooling

One of the best ways to keep a high performance GY6 engine cool is with an oil cooler. This is a great way to save money, as a cooler oil will mean cooler engine temperatures and longer oil life. Oil coolers are easy to install and come with all the necessary hardware. They will fit most engines with a 17mm screen filter housing.

To install an oil cooler, first you’ll need to connect the feed and return hoses to the engine. The return hose will be simple, and the feed line will need some assembly. In addition, the feed line will have an oil filter inline.

Horizontal orientation

The GY6 engine is a four-stroke single-cylinder that has a nearly horizontal orientation. It is a common engine for small motorcycles and scooters in Taiwan, China and Southeast Asia. The design has been copied by many manufacturers, including Honda clones and Kymco.


In most cases, a GY6 engine has one cylinder. Nonetheless, the code “1P” is different for each engine. This means that it has a different cylinder capacity. The code is used to distinguish different engine sizes. A non-P engine is a similar size to the P engine. However, its cylinder gasket is longer. This means that it has more power than a P engine.

The GY6 engine was developed with the same technology as the popular Honda scooter engine. It is a four-stroke single-cylinder with air or oil cooling. The engine can reach 12,000 rpm and can produce 14 horsepower (10 kW) with customization. The engine also has a built-in swing arm and a CVT transmission.


The origin of the Gy6 engine is a mystery, but some people claim that it was designed by Honda in the early 1980s. The scooters that used this engine were produced in Taiwan and China. Some Japanese websites have identified the motor as being taken from the Honda Spacy 125 JF04E. Other sources claim that the motor came from a different source, and that it was designed and manufactured in Taiwan.

The engine has a water or oil cooling system that removes heat through a radiator. The ignition system is a magnetic trigger and capacitor discharge. The engine is designed for both street and off-road use. Taiwan and China are the premier manufacturers of the Gy6 engine.


One of the features of the GY6 engine is that it is one cylinder with one piston. As such, the cylinder number is always uno. Because of this, you can use the engine with other smaller engines. The GY6 engine is compatible with all 125cc and 150cc engines.

The GY6 engine is commonly used in small motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs. The engine has an automatic CVT transmission and is belt-driven. Honda originally produced the GY6 in 50cc, 125cc, and 150cc versions. These are still available today, and Chinese and Taiwanese copies can be easily found. The engine is also used by import lines such as Flyscoters and Kymco.

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