What to Look For in a Volvo B20 Engine For Sale

If you are in the market for a Volvo B20 engine for sale, there are many things you should consider before purchasing one. Listed below are the parts to look for, including the Carburetor, Cylinder head, Valve seats, and Transmission. These components will help you get the most out of your new purchase.


If you’re considering modifying the car’s engine, you may want to consider installing a new carburetor. Although it may sound like a complex task, this part is fairly easy to find. It comes in two different varieties: the Progressive and the Synchronous. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a quick overview of the differences between them.

A good carburetor can improve the performance and economy of your Volvo B20 engine. For example, a Weber DGMS carburetor is a great choice for Volvo B18/20 engines. It offers a balance between performance and economy, all at a reasonable price.

Cylinder head

The B20 engine was designed to be powerful, but its power is limited by its stock cylinder head. To solve this problem, the Street Performance head was developed. It meets most street performance needs and includes a modified combustion chamber, unshrouded valves, bronze guides, and high flow stainless steel valves. It also features dual valve springs and a large exhaust valve.

In the late 1970s, Volvo introduced a new design that would become the B20 engine. Its inlet valves are 44mm in diameter and the flywheel is an 8-bolt design. The B20 engine was also adapted to run on unleaded fuel. However, the conversion requires a different valve head, which is quite costly.

Valve seats

If you’re looking for a replacement valve seat for your Volvo B20 engine, you’ve come to the right place. The Volvo B20 engine uses valve seats that are hardened for better durability and better performance. Hardened valve seats are also more environmentally friendly. They can be used with either unleaded petrol or LPG.

A B20 exhaust valve may not fit a B18/B20 head. The stock port designs of the Volvo B20 engine limits head flow. The street performance head is designed to address this problem. It will meet most street performance requirements and features modified combustion chambers, unshrouded valves, bronze guides, high flow stainless steel valves, and a 36mm exhaust valve with dual valve springs.

If you want to add more horsepower to your B20 engine, you should consider changing the valve seats. You may need to reshape the chamber to accommodate the larger valves.


A transmission for Volvo B20 engine is essential if you want your car to perform well on the road. These engines have higher torque than the B18 and were only available from the last two model years of the Volvo Amazon. If you are considering a Volvo B20 conversion, it’s a good idea to know the benefits and drawbacks of this engine.

There are two types of transmission for the Volvo B20 engine. The T9 version has the same dimensions as the Volvo B20 transmission and costs $1975. The semi-close ratio version has ratios that are closer to Volvo specifications, but costs about the same. It’s 7.25 inches wide and 10 inches high, and is designed to fit the Volvo B20 engine. It also includes the bell housing for this engine type.

Fuel system

If you are looking for a fuel system for your Volvo B20 engine, you have come to the right place. We sell high-quality parts for your car’s engine. Here you will find a fuel system for your Volvo B20 that works great. You will need to get the right part to keep your engine running at its best.

There are several parts that you need to get the best performance from your Volvo B20. These parts can improve the horsepower and torque of your car’s engine. In fact, you can boost the power of your Volvo B20 by as much as 50 hp. These parts are safe and work well with the stock system.

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