Subaru Boxer Engine

Subaru Boxer Engine

The Subaru Boxer engine is the heart of the Subaru brand. Its 3.6-liter Flat-6 engine features horizontally opposed pistons, low

Checking the Fuel System of a GDI Engine

gdi engine

A GDI engine injects highly-pressurized fuel into the cylinders. This improves combustion efficiency and prevents premature ignition. However, some of

How to Clear Engine Derate

How to Clear Engine Derate

If your engine is displaying the “derate” error, you may be wondering how to clear it. The answer depends on

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Engine

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Engine

The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat engine is an extreme high-performance vehicle. This car has an IHI twin-screw supercharger that rams

LSJ Ecotec Engine Stages

ecotec engine

The Ecotec engine is a DOHC4-valve design that uses a lost foam cast aluminum head and block. It is designed

7e9 – 7e8 Engine Code

7e8 Engine Code

If you are getting 7e9 or 7e8 engine code , it is time to check your throttle position sensor (TPS).

Repairing the Ford 534 Engine

Ford 534 Engine

The Ford 534 engine has limited aftermarket availability, making it difficult to find parts to repair your classic car. Parts

Volvo D12 Engine Specs

volvo d12 engine

The Volvo D12 engine undergoes rigorous in-process inspections to ensure quality. The engine is completely disassembled and cleaned and each

How Much Is a V8 Engine?

How Much Is a V8 Engine

The automotive industry is continuously developing, and the v8 engine class was created through the process of developing other low-power

PACCAR’s MX-13 Engine

MX-13 Engine

PACCAR, a leading manufacturer of medium-duty trucks, produces the MX-13 engine, a high-performance 13-litre diesel engine. This engine features selective

Toyota’s 2ZZ Engine

2zz engine

The 2ZZ engine is a four-cylinder straight-four gasoline engine, and it was designed to be reliable at high RPMs and