B20 Engine Mods To Help You Make More Power

If you have a B20 engine and are looking to upgrade it to make more horsepower, then this list of mods will help. I’ll start by listing the individual parts that can make your B20 engine more powerful:

Head Gasket

A head gasket is an essential component of your engine, and it’s the most common cause of overheating. A leaky head gasket allows coolant to escape into the combustion chamber and reduces your car’s efficiency. If you experience overheating, you may need a new head gasket or to have your cooling system repaired by a professional mechanic.

To install a new one:

  • Remove any dirt or debris from around the old gasket surface with a wire brush; don’t use compressed air as it can damage sensitive surfaces like copper sealing rings on cylinder heads
  • Clean all surfaces that will be in contact with the new gasket using brake cleaner or another solvent approved for automotive use
  • Apply heat-resistant sealer (available at auto parts stores) around both sides of each mating surface; allow sealer to dry completely before proceeding

Cylinder head

The first step to installing the new cylinder head is to remove the old one. This is done with a device called a “puller,” which pulls out the original cylinder head by creating leverage against it. This can be tricky, because you have to take care not to damage other components of your engine such as valves or piston rings.

If you are having trouble removing an old cylinder head and need help, contact us at [email protected], and we will provide assistance as soon as possible!


Just like the valves, there are also two types of camshafts: hydraulic and solid. Hydraulic cams last longer but cost more than solid ones. Solid cams have a shorter life span but cost less than hydraulic ones. Both types of camshafts open and close valves, but they do it in different ways:

  • Hydraulic Cams use oil pressure to open and close their valves. This means that you need an oil pump on your engine to make this kind of cam work properly.
  • Solid Cams use springs instead of oil pressure to open and close their valves (which is why they’re called “solid”). If you don’t have an internal combustion engine with an oil pump, then this type of cam will not work for you—you’ll need another type instead!

ARP head studs

Head studs are the screws that hold the cylinder head to the engine block. They’re made of hardened steel, and factory head studs typically have a rating of 70-80 ft/lbs (94-110Nm). ARP’s head studs are made from high-strength alloy steel and rated at over 120 ft/lbs (167Nm), which means they’re able to handle more torque than their factory counterparts.

Because these bolts are so important during an engine build, it’s important to make sure they’ll hold up under pressure. We recommend replacing all eight of your stock head studs with ARP’s fasteners for a stronger connection between your engine block and cylinder heads.

Why should you consider upgrading? According to ARP, “ARP rod bolt assemblies will reduce engine vibration by decreasing torsional loads on critical areas like cam bearings, oil pumps and main bearings.” In addition to improving reliability, this reduces wear on crucial components while increasing horsepower output—a win-win situation!


Nitrous is a fuel system that adds an extra burst of power to your car. It also usually works by injecting nitrous oxide into the engine’s intake manifold, which results in greater power from burning more fuel. Nitrous can be used on other cars as well, not just the B-series engines. The best part about it is that it doesn’t cost a lot of money to get more power.

Pistons and rods

Pistons and rods are the most important part of your B20 rebuild. You can get away with using stock parts, but you will want to upgrade them for better performance. The compression ratio determines how much power your engine produces at certain RPMs, so it is important to consider this when choosing new pistons and rods. It’s also worth noting that higher compression ratios require high octane fuel or risk pre-ignition (knocking). If you don’t care about making extra power from your B20 build, then stick with stock parts if they’re still in good condition.

Turbo/Supercharger/Nitrous/Intake manifold

In the world of automotive performance modifications, there are a number of different ways to increase horsepower and torque. These include turbochargers, superchargers, nitrous injection kits and intake manifolds. The following guide will explain what each component does and how it can be installed on your vehicle:


These are two terms that refer to similar components that work differently based on their design. Turbochargers use exhaust gases to spin turbine blades in an air compressor (called an impeller) which then compress air into cylinders before combustion occurs. Superchargers do not necessarily need exhaust gases to operate but instead use mechanical force from an engine’s crankshaft or flywheel shaft to spin a larger turbine wheel than the one used in turbo systems. This causes more pressure on incoming air through a smaller opening than what would be possible without the added boost from these devices—thus increasing horsepower output without any change whatsoever in cylinder displacement!

Bottom end rebuild

To rebuild the bottom end of your car, you will need to replace the crankshaft and connecting rods, pistons, bearings and oil pump.

It is also possible to rebuild just one part of the bottom end (i.e., only replacing the crankshaft) but this approach is not recommended because it often results in an engine that needs frequent repairs.

These engine mods will turn your B20 into a beast

  • Get a new camshaft. A better camshaft will make your car more powerful, reduce emissions and give you more torque at lower speeds.
  • Get high-flow exhaust manifolds. This will allow more air in to the cylinders, which means that they’ll be able to use their full potential with this mod installed.
  • Remove the air filter intake box and install an intake manifold with larger runners and a higher velocity flow path so that you can get more power out of your engine while also making it run cleaner by reducing carbon buildup on its pistons and cylinder walls from poor combustion efficiency caused by insufficient airflow (which is why stock B20 intakes are so restrictive). This type of mod is especially helpful for turbocharged cars because turbos create backpressure on the engine which would otherwise reduce power if it wasn’t for these mods; but with them installed, even turbocharged cars can benefit from increased airflow thanks to how much smoother running operation becomes after removing restrictions like those imposed by stock air filters & intakes


We hope you enjoyed this list of B20 engine mods. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. Also, check out our other articles on turbocharging your WRX and STI!

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